The school’s Hopspots methods

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THE SCHOOLS’ HOPSPOTS METHODS We know that it varies how the different schools and institutions implement Hopspots into the everyday school life and thereby include digital technology and movement in the teaching. Even though we offer start-up help and feedback it is great to see that the schools themselves do such a good job at finding a rhythm that suits them and their children. Here we made an excerpt of the different Hopspots-methods used at some of the schools that are currently using Hopspots to create active learning. Seeing it, may inspire others to get started using Hopspots. At Uglegårdskolen in Solrød Hopspots resides in the Centre for Learning. Britt is the IT-advisor and manager of Hopspots as well as the person that gets the other teachers started with using the games. Once a week the interested teachers can book a Hopspots lesson for their pupils. In that way the teachers get experience with how to use Hopspots in their teaching. Uglegårdskolen looks forward to getting a second set of Hopspots, which will allow more teachers to use it with their pupils, and the school will make themed presentations for the teachers to introduce [...]