Aviaja Borup Lyngaard

CEO – Child Experience Design

Founder of the company and designer of Hopspots. Aviaja is passionated about development and has a Ph.D. from B&O. Her speciality is involving children in design processes and she loves to work and develop with interesting people.

Trine Askjær-Jørgensen


As a Master of Arts in English Trine is skilled in English particularly when it comes to translation and communication in English – and Danish, her mother tongue. Among other things, she manages copywriting for our website, various materials and media, as well as demonstrations of Hopspots, support etc.

Minik Busk Langkjær

Production and logistics

Minik is a Master of Arts in Art History but has a lot of experience and interest in 3D design, woodworks and the likes. At CxD he is in charge of producing the lasercut speaker units, and he also manages all logistics.


Laisa Schartau

Multimedia Design Assistant

Laisa is a student assistant that works with Hopspots web design and maintenance.

Thomas Kanstrup Christensen

Board of Director

Peter Ladefoged

Board of Director

Heidi Nørgaard Jensen

Board of Director

Helle Sejersen Myrthue

Advisory Board

Thomas Overgaard

Advisory Board

Jørgen Skov

Advisory Board

Darren Black

Collaborator – Mont Noir


Anders Borup Lynggaard

Collaborator – Virtual Manufacturing
Bag firmaet - Pelle Sølvkjær Christensen

Pelle Sølvkjær Christensen

Collaborator – Gamecraft

Per Jensen

Collaborator – Consultant
Bag firmaet - Louis Jensen

Louis Jensen

Collaborator – Author of Lakridsmanden
Bag firmaet - Boris Hansen

Boris Hansen

Collaborator – Author of Den Øde Ø

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