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Hopspots holds a range of games and more are coming soon. Train your memory with Mix’n’Match or get your heart rate up in The Chase, where you have to catch the lights on the spots as you challenge your classmates. You can program the spots and your own game with Code a Spot and do cognitive exercises with Sequence.


Mix’n’match is a memory game that combines sound with images. Players can choose a topic, for example animals, and play the game by pairing the animals’ names to their sounds. As the game progresses, it is important for the players to remember the different spots. Players can even influence the game by making their own category and draw and record their own content that is related to their subject and topic. This will give the players a feeling of co-ownership of the game content and it will make the level of difficulty match the players’ academic level. Mix’n’Match can be played in English or Danish.

The Chase

The Chase is a movement and memory game where you can get your heart rate up. Players must hunt the characters named Grace and Ralph who are hiding in the spots as patterns of light. There are different patterns in each level, and each light pattern is related to a movement. The player therefore has to remember the combinations and react quickly.


Sequence is a memory game where the players have to remember the order of the spots. The game can be played solo or in teams. Player 1 steps on a spot and player 2 steps on the same spot and adds a new one. Player 3 steps on the two added spots and adds another new spot, and so on. For every round a new spot is added and the players have to remember the order. It goes as far as 20 spots! If a player makes a wrong step the game starts over.

Code a Spot

Code a Spot is a game where children and their teachers can change the light and sound of the spots using an iPad. On the iPad the players can choose light and sound for each of the 12 Hopspots’ spots or they can use the recording feature to record their own sounds. The players decide whether the spots should be controlled via the iPad or by physically stepping on the spots. The game can for example be used to create an obstacle course, where the players jump from spot to spot. Players can record tasks that will be recorded by stepping on the spots.

Flow Dance

Flow dance is designed by pupils at Uglegårdsskolen in Solrød who beat three other Danish schools in an innovation contest about developing a new game for Hopspots. Flow Dance is a game that combines dance and music. By jumping on the different spots the pupils can create their own rhythms within the genres: Pop, Latin, Jazz and Middle Eastern music. The rhythms are recorded and afterwards used to choreograph a dance.

The Island

The Island is an interactive story- and game by Danish author Boris Hansen. It combines active play and storytelling with an introduction to classic social science issues about everything from democracy to equality, crime control and so on. In this game the group is stranded on a deserted island, where they have to figure out a line of dilemmas in order to survive. The Island is a game for the intermediate- and finishing stages of school, and it takes place partly on the iPad, where the children read and listen to the story, and partly on the Hopspots-spots, which are used for physical collaboration exercises such as catching fish and exploring the island.”
“Robinsonade – Collaboration – Democracy”
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