Make your own games

Code a Spot is a platform that allows you to produce your own content for all school subjects.

The game is an open platform in which you can determine the content of every single spot. This means that the game can be used for almost anything – let your imagination run wild and test the options in Code a Spot.

Children and teachers can easily experiment with and manipulate the color of the light and sound of the spots. All 12 different spots are shown on the IPad’s screen and you can program them directly from there. You can even record your own sounds to be played in your games!

Use Code a Spot across all school levels

Code a Spot starts with three games: a movement game, an interactive story, and music tones. These games are always available for you to play immediately but the possibilities truly become endless once you begin producing your own games!

You can modify the level of difficulty to make games for preschoolers, intermediates or pupils in lower secondary education. Code a Spot can be used for anything, be it obstacle courses where you jump from spot to spot, practicing math tables, to creating interactive stories and much more.

How it works

Active learning for the entire class

With Code a Spot, you can activate the entire class at once.

Simply divide the class up into groups and assign them to make games for each other. The groups will then take turns at playing the games with Hopspots while the groups that are not playing will make relevant games for the subjects in the app.

Pupils become part of the creative process which gives them a sense of ownership over the game and makes them digital co-creators of learning content. Obviously, the teacher can also choose to make games for the pupils ahead of class.

It takes less than 5 minutes to record your own content on the tiles and you will be playing games specialized to your teaching in no time.

Game topics for Code a Spot in different school subjects

English and grammar

You can make stories on Hopspots.

The first tile could say “There once was a prince” and be the beginning of a fairytale which continues on the rest of the spots. The story could one you already know or you could create your own.

With Code a Spot you can also:

  • Practice the alphabet
  • Work on text structures
  • Re-tell/repeat stores

If you want to write your own story for Hopspots, you can find a helpful template at the bottom of the page!


You can record numbers, tables, or the like on the tiles.

We can recommend making games with content that goes in a specific order when you play with Code a Spot. Then you can distribute the spots randomly on the floor and have the pupils jump around and listen to the content on the spots in order to find the right order.

After finding the order, they can play the content on the spots again to check if it is correct. It could simply be the numbers from 1 to 10, the 5 multiplication table, or the sizes of fractions in the right order after to each other.

One spot could say “1/2”, while another says “1/3” and the third “1/4” and so on. The pupils then have to find the right order from smallest to biggest by jumping around on the spots and moving while they solve the math task.

Second language subjects

You can practice foreign grammar by recording “Je suis”, “Vous êtes”, “Il, elle, on est”, on the spots for a French class..

You could do it for German, Danish, and Spanish as well – it could also easily by tasks, keywords for practicing grammar, repetition of specific topics or whatever you might want to practice in your teaching.

Hopspots is also able to provide audio feedback in multiple languages to further reinforce the sound of whichever language your students are learning.

History, Society, Science etc.

The possibilities vary greatly for history, society, science subjects.

You can make a game for a history class where pupils have to arrange specific events according to the year they took place.

You can practice the order of the planets as they are arranged from the sun, practice the order of the months and so much more. Let your imagination run wild with this open platform.

Be creative and use Code a Spot for whatever you would like!


You can use the game with music tones on the spots or you can record real instruments and sounds – use them the way you like!

You can press the spots and play the recordings again and again and make new rhythms and music.


Use the movement game that says “Walk foolishly to green”, “Jump to purple”, “Run to black” etc., or record your own movement game on the spots.

Or record your own game! There’s no limit on how creative you can be – but if you’re struggling to find ideas, you can rest assured that your students are more than ready to come with excellent suggestions!

Classroom material

Here you have a guide for Code a Spot that shows you how to get started.

And there’s also a template for when you want to make your own stories and record them on the spots.