511, 2019

Exercise made fun: Hopspots for the disabled

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Exercise made fun: Hopspots for the disabled As part of the municipality of Vejle, Denmark's, project of testing training- and welfare technologies, we at the residential accommodation Højbo-Solsikken in Give have tested Hopspots over the past 6 months - and the feedback cannot be questioned: One of the citizens said: "It is so much fun that I start to laugh", and as the staff member Kenneth Yde, from Højbo-Solsikken says, "We have gotten very far when the citizens say stuff like that". The Municipality of Vejle invests in welfare In the care homes, residential accommodation and activity centers in the municipality of Vejle the focus is on getting people to be more physically active as well as social in their everyday lives. Thus, the municipality has invested in welfare technologies since 2012 and recently tested a range of new training technologies. Since 2012 they [...]

2509, 2019

Hopspots part of Science Gym in Sweden

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Hopspots a part of new Science Gym in Sweden By Trine Askjær-Jørgensen - Communication Back in April Hopspots participated in the SETT tradeshow in Stockholm Sweden, where I was at Lekolar's stand, showing Hopspots to lots of interested visitors. Several times Caroline and her co-workers from Region Kronoberg in Sweden stopped by me to check out Hopspots.  They all fell in love with the interactive learning tool immediately and thought it would be perfect for their future Science Gym, which was to open this summer. Shortly after the tradeshow in Stockholm Caroline contacted us as she was ready to get started with a set of Hopspots in Sweden. SO ready that we sent it to them in the middle of the summer holiday, before we even had the time to go there and give them a start-up course ourselves. This August we then visited Caroline [...]

2409, 2019

Geelsgårdskolen does physiotherapy with Hopspots

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SEN: "Everyone can participate in their own way" By Trine Askjær-Jørgensen - Communication A couple of weeks ago I visited Geelsgårdskolen in Virum, Denmark, where they had just bought a set of Hopspots. I did that because we at CxD were quite curious about how their first period of time with the interactive tool had been and not least to learn more about how they use Hopspots in this SEN.  Back in January when we participated in BETT-show, a huge international EdTech tradeshow in London, we were paid a visit by Line Torp from Geelsgårdskolen at our stand. Line had never seen Hopspots before, this was the very first time, but she immediately spotted that Hopspots was really some for the kids back home at "her" school. Line works in the therapeutic department at Geelsgårdskolen, and shortly after having returned home from the tradeshow, she contacted us [...]

1909, 2019

6th graders play “The Island” in class

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6th graders: "The Island scores 8,5 out of 10 as teaching material" Imagine that you are stranded on a deserted island with your classmates! What would you do first? How would you get food, make decisions and create a community on the island? Those are the kinds of questions that a 6th grade at Samsøegade Skole in Aarhus, Denmark, had to solve together during a month of playing the interactive game, The Island, for Hopspots in class. The pupils said the following about the experience... ”We have gotten much better at listening to each other and discussing things" ”I think I have gotten better at expressing myself in writing” "I think it is great that we get to move during our teaching". ... when we visited them to hear about what they learned from the game. Read more about The Island Were [...]

1408, 2019

Hopspots part of Lithuanian innovation project

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Lithuania: Hopspots part of national innovation project! Great news from Lithuania! Hopspots is going to be part of a national innovation project which is carried out in collaboration with Education Development Centre. EDC is the biggest institution affiliate to the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania and provides educational support in the field of pre-school primary and general education. The project starts on September 15th and lasts for 4 months. The aim of the project is to familiarize schools with modern innovative learning tools and to learn from the way they use them, making it possible to implement new learning tools in more schools. The national project focuses on 4 areas: Innovation in the language learning process Innovation in mathematics and IT education process Innovation in the arts and technology education process Innovation in the primary education process 16 different Lithuanian schools [...]

207, 2019

Hopspots: award-winner and shortlisted for WISE!

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Hopspots: award-winner and shortlisted for WISE! By Trine Askjær-Jørgensen - Communication Wehoo! We are thrilled here at Child Experience Design because our interactive learning tool, Hopspots, just won an award, for innovation, AND our company won an award for culture. Not one, but TWO Lotus Awards - we are amazed! The innovation award acknowledges Hopspots for being an innovative product that combines movement and learning with the physical and digital spaces, and the culture award acknowledges our company culture - both of which we are very proud of. The organizer says the following about the award show and the purpose of the Lotus awards: “On June 27, at the Scotch of St James we celebrated the best in Innovation, Sustainability & Company Culture. We created The Lotus Awards to recognise organisations regardless of size, industry or budget. It was a pleasure to celebrate these incredible achievements and hopefully [...]

2802, 2019

Hopspots in the Danish Shark Tank

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12-year-old Anton presented Hopspots in the Danish version of Shark Tank By Aviaja Borup Lynggaard, Entrepreneur behind Hopspots Our dream is to spread Hopspots across the globe. Wednesday evening we took a huge step in that direction when I, together with my 12-year-old son, participated in the Danish version of Shark tank, and got to show Hopspots during the best possible time on the Danish Broadcasting Corporation TV-show. Back in November we got the opportunity, with a very short notice, to participate in the show. A wonderful opportunity of spreading the word about Hopspots, which I of course said yes to. Hopspots is a small company, and for that reason it can be really hard to spread the word far out. I think that Shark Tank is the best TV-show at the moment and have not missed even one episode of it. That's why it [...]

1102, 2019

Make your own stories with Code a Spot

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Make your own interactive stories with Code a Spot DigiPippi made their own stories in Code a Spot The weekend before last we made stories in the Hopspots-game, Code a Spot, at a DigiPippi-event for girls, who are interested in technology. The three groups of girls made their own great stories and programmed the stories in Code a Spot, where they also added sound effects. The stories had the following titles: "The dancing flamingo", "The lonely dinosaur" and "The hedgehog that got scared", and they were all brilliant. Get others to find the order At first the girls worked on creating great stories after which they recorded the stories on the Hopspots. Afterwards, the three groups tried each other stories. They had to listen to the individual parts of the stories on the spots and try to find the correct chronological order to place [...]

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