2707, 2018

User survey on Hopspots

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User survey on Hopspots By Trine Askjær-Jørgensen & Henriette Mikaelsen Today, Hopspots is present at more than 60 schools and institutions all over the Danish country. Moreover, the first Hopspots have also travelled across the Danish border to Qatar, where they are also creating active learning. Thus, in the spring of 2018 we carried out a customer survey, where we talked to our current customers at schools and institutions across the country to have their opinion on the product and the value that it creates to them. Children improve significantly when using Hopspots Among other things we asked our customers if they have experienced improvements or development in the children after they started using Hopspots. We got the following answers to that question: "Yes, we have experienced great improvement. Now the children in 1st grade know the order of the alphabet and [...]

2706, 2018

Surprised by recognition of Hopspots

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Surprised and proud of recognition of Hopspots By Trine Askjær-Jørgensen Here at CxD Aps we are very proud and surprised that both the company and our interactive learning tool, Hopspots, were recognised with 3 awards last week. Moreover, we participated in a large EU conference for women in tech. Comenius EduMedia Seal Last Thursday at the 23rd annual Comenius EduMedia Award show for digital educational media in Berlin, Hopspots received a seal - in this case in the category for IT-, communication- and educational media. It especially means a lot to us that Hopspots was recognised for its academic content and contribution as educational media. It is a seal of approval to us that motivates us even more to create more fun, healthier and active school days, where children learn more. Because, with Hopspots we want to create active learning and help [...]

1206, 2018

Practice working memory… with Hopspots

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Practice working memory… with Hopspots By Trine Askjær-Jørgensen Hopspots is standing in the middle of the classroom with the 12 colorful spots spread all over the floor because now it's time for the pupils to move while learning. The teacher, Monica, started a game of Sequence. William is next in line to remember the sequence. He starts with the yellow spot next to the speaker stand, then the turquoise, lying far away next to the blackboard, purple... and then... William hesitates... was it the black or the brown spot that was next? His classmates yell "Brown, brown! Brown's next", trying to help him because if he makes a wrong step the game starts over. William steps on the brown spot, which gives out a loud fart and makes all the children laugh. Now it's his turn to add a new spot to the sequence. He [...]

2905, 2018

Hopspots connects play with learning in primary schools, at nursing homes – and now also in the Middle East

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Hopspots connects play with learning in primary schools, at nursing homes - and now also in the Middle East BY: HENRIK SKOV ANHØJ HESK@ERHVERVPLUS.DK Published May 18th 2018 kl. 08:00 The 12 Hopspots light up according to the game that is on and then you just have to start jumping. The instructions come from a speaker in the charging station. Picture: Axel Schütt Read more at Århus Stiftstedende

2404, 2018

Release-party and test of The Island

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Release-party and test of The Island By Trine Askjær-Jørgensen The 13th of April we had a party and celebrated that we moved into our new office and that we released a new game; The Island. It all started in the afternoon, where we talked about the making of the game, the team behind it, the story itself and the test of the game. Ahead of the release pupils from Gammelgårdsskolen tested the game together with their teacher and two students, from the teacher education in Aarhus. The pupils got on stage at the party and told everyone about their experience with The Island. The development of the game, The Island, began around two years ago and initally started out as "HistorieHopperen", which was supposed to contain two interative stories, namely Lakridsmanden by Louis Jensen and The Island by Boris Hansen, of about 30 minutes in [...]

904, 2018

Workshop in Funder Børnehus: Music & Movement

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Workshop in Funder Børnehus: Music and Movement By Trine Askjær-Jørgensen On the 14th of March Hopspots went to Funder Børnehus, where we held a workshop for pedagogues who are part of a so-called media-network in Silkeborg Municipality. This blog is about the workshop, and emphasizes the ideas that were created and experimented with that day, allowing other Hopspots-users to benefit from these and making it possible for interested people to learn more about the different ways one can use Hopspots. 8 pedagogues from four different day care centres in the municipality were present at the workshop together with Aviaja, founder of Hopspots, media-researcher Stine Liv Johansen from Aarhus University and me. The workshop was the first out of four workshops, which are part of a project that is to experiment with creative use of Hopspots in day care institutions. This time the theme was “Music [...]

1902, 2018

BETT-show 2018

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BETT-show 2018 By Trine Askjær-Jørgensen In week 4 Hopspots once again went to BETT-show in London and we had a blast. BETT is short for British Educational Training and Technology-show and at this show there are lots of opportunities for people within the educational sector to get new ideas and inspiration for ways to integrate technology into teaching. This year was the first time we had our own stand at BETT-show – close to the BETT futures-area, where we were located last year. Here we showed Hopspots to tons of interested people and playful children from January 23rd to 26th – and we really enjoyed it! There was heavy interest in the product, which was actually the only one of its kind at the show. One of the wonderful things about going out to show Hopspots is getting a lot of feedback from our current customers. Among [...]

1801, 2018

“Bring Movement into the Classroom”… with Hopspots

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“Bring Movement into the Classroom”… with Hopspots By Trine Askjær-Jørgensen Studies show that active pupils learn better and more because movement significantly increases learning. Thus, pupils who are more active “exhibit better focus, faster cognitive processing and more successful memory retention” compared to children who spend the entire school day sitting still (Abdelbary 2017). The reason for this is that keeping the body active through movement increases the blood and oxygen flow to the brain, which promotes mental clarity and positively affects cognitive development as well as physical and neurological health (Abdelbary 2017). Several studies have shown “a significant positive relationship between PA [physical activity] in general and cognition in children”, and “positive effects of regular PA on the structures and functions of the brain” (Have et al. 2016). Among other things, physical activity increases information processing and helps children build the foundations of [...]

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