A fun movement game for everyone

The Chase is the game you want to play if your goal is to burn some energy and create focus. The children play against each other in two teams, which motivates them to challenge both their fitness and overview when they chase the characters Grace and Ralph that pop up on the spots in the form of red and green light. The players have to catch the red and green light to get points and win. They do that in different ways in the 30 different levels: in the first levels you catch the light by stepping on the spots, then you have to do jumping jacks on the spot, sit on it, press it with your hand, butt and so on.

As the children unlock more and more levels in the game, they have to be able to tell the difference between the patterns of light on the spots to complete the levels. In the highest levels the light patterns are all mixed up thus players have to remember and react quickly to beat the other team. Place the physical spots on different height levels or chairs, tables, stairs etc. to use your surroundings and make The Chase physically challenging. Through 30 levels you will get your body working and your heart rate up. The Chase is an excellent brain breaker that gets your heart pumping, renews energy and motivates people of all ages to move.

Video of The Chase

Active breaks and challenging P.E.

The Chase is a movement game that requires players to collaborate and get an overview, and thus it is highly applicable in P.E. classes. The game can also serve as an active break if children need to renew their energy or focus through the course of a school day. Every single level in The Chase takes around 30-60 seconds, depending on how far out you spread the spots. Thus, the game is a fast and easy way of burning some energy. The 12 interactive spots have a range of 20 meters on each side of the speaker unit, allowing players to move a lot. In The Chase you even have the option of adding up to 24 spots, making sure that you will really be challenged. The Chase is a popular game that everyone enjoys, both 3-year-olds and elderly, as it is full of speed and fun!

Classroom material

Here you will find the guide for The Chase, which shows you how to play step by step.