Hopspots start-kit

A complete Hopspots start-kit consists of a speaker unit designed for charging and storing the spots, and playing the sounds from the iPad, and 12 interactive tiles in different colors that register touch and light up in a broad range of colors. The tiles can withstand a total weight of 200 kgs and have a range of 20 m on each side of the speaker unit. The unit has wheels and is made of a light wood material, which makes it easy to bring Hopspots wherever you want indoors and combine learning with movement.

The price includes:

  • Speaker unit that also works as storage and charger (105 cm tall)
  • 12 interactive tiles in different colors
  • An App for iPad with game content for all school subjects and levels (iPad is excluded)
  • Free delivery
  • Free support
  • 2 years of warranty
  • The option of sharing your games with other users
  • Access to games shared by other users
  • Access to learning content and teaching material

With a Hopspots start-kit you will have everything you need to create active learning!

Price: € 4,700 


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Hopspots sæt, aktiv læring

Hopspots Mini

Hopspots Mini allows you to get started with the basic games, The Chase, Mix’n’Match, Code a Spot, Sequence and FlowDance, for activating smaller groups of children with movement, programming, music and dance.

The price includes:

  • 6 Hopspots-tiles
  • Mini-station
  • Chargers for the 6 tiles
  • (iPad is excluded)

Price: € 2,000

Lakridsmanden bog

Code:kit classroom set

The Hopspots Code:kit classroom set makes it possible for you to activate an entire class with programming with micro:bit AND to play all of the educational Hopspots games on the interactive tiles – just download the App on your own iPad. The classroom set gives you learning content for children from 2-16 year old and you can do programming with 4th to 9th graders.

You can use your own micro:bits or let us know under comments when you order if you want to buy micro:bits with your Code:kit classroom set (15 euro ex VAT).

The price includes:

  • 12 Hopspots-tiles
  • 4 code:kit boards
  • Chargers for the 12 tiles
  • 1 Mini-station

Price: € 3300

Lakridsmanden bog


The Code:kit makes it possible for a group to work with coding Hopspots using micro:bit. Programme your own Hopspots-games! You can use your own micro:bit or let us know under comments when you order if you want to buy a micro:bit together with the Code:kit (15 euro ex VAT).

The Code:kit consists of:

  • 3 Hopspots-tiles
  • 1 code:kit board
  • Chargers for 4 tiles

Price: € 700

Hopspots Code:kit

Code:kit board

You can use Code:kit board if you already have Hopspots-tiles and micro:bit. Programme your own games using’s platform. The Code:kit Board makes the connection between the micro:bit and the Hopspots-tiles. If you want to buy a micro:bit along with your Code:kit board just write it under comments when you order (15 euro ex VAT).

Price: € 60

Hopspots Code:kit board


Charger/speaker (without tiles) is designed for charging and storing the spots as well as playing the sound from the iPad and connecting the tiles with the iPad.

Price: € 2,700

Hopspots charging station


Mini-station (without speaker and charger): a mobile box designed to connect the physical tiles with the iPad when you want to use Hopspots without the large speaker/charging unit. The Mini-station makes it even easier to bring Hopspots along – also to places where the speaker unit may be difficult to bring.

Price: € 1000

Hopspots Ministation

1 Hopspots tile

An interactive tile (comes in 12 different colors) that registers touch and lights up in a broad, programmable, range of colors.

1 Hopspots-tile – Price: € 200


Set of 6 Hopspots-tiles – Price: € 1100


1 set of chargers

Chargers for 6 Hopspots-tiles

Price: € 80

Chargers for Hopspots


Flightcase, for safe transportation of the speaker unit and tiles.

Price: € 670

Flightcase til Hopspots