Order Hopspots Start-kit

    Hopspots complete Start-kit consists of a speaker unit that is designed for charging and storing the tiles as well as connecting the tiles with the iPad and playing the sounds from the games. Together with it comes the 12 interactive tiles in different colors that register touch and light up in a broad range of colors. The tiles can withstand up to 200 kilos and have a range of 20 meters on each side of the unit. The speaker unit has wheels which makes it easy to bring Hopspots along and combine learning with lots of movement.

    Included in the price is:

    • Speaker unit that also works a storage (105 cm tall)
    • 12 interactive tiles in different colors
    • An App for  iPad with different educational games
      (iPad is excluded)
    • Free support
    • 2 years of warranty
    • Access to a platform full of games made by other users
    • Access to learning content

    With a Hopspots Start-kit you will have everything you need to create physically active and fun teaching!

    Price: 4950 Euro ex VAT