An interactive Robinsonade-story

The Island is an interactive Robinsonade-game that combines an introduction to classical social science issues, about everything from democracy to equality, crime fighting etc. with active play and storytelling. The game is highly applicable in social science classes or for themed school weeks and the likes.

A survival game for 4th to 9th graders

In the game the children are stranded on a deserted island, where they have to solve a line of dilemmas in order to survive. The game is for 4th to 9th graders, and is played on two iPads: one is the camp-iPad and the other the expedition-iPad. On the first iPad the children read the story and make decisions, and on the other, which is located together with Hopspots, they use the spots actively for physical collaboration exercises such as catching fish or exploring the island.

Video of The Island

Activate the entire class at once

The game is designed to activate an entire class at once hence two iPads are preferably used for it, and even better perhaps three or more depending on how many groups you wish to divide the class into. 2-3 iPads make it possible to divide the class into two large groups, which each play a game of The Island, and take turns at sending groups of 4-6 children to Hopspots in order to collect points in the game.

Watch the video on the left to learn more about the game, The Island, and what it is about.

Classroom material

Here you will find the guide for the game, which shows you step by step how to play The Island.