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How can teachers incorporate active learning into teaching?

Studies show that students learn better when they move and actively participate in class. Incorporating movement throughout the school day makes them less impatient and more focused on learning.

Hopspots is developed by Child Experience Design, CxD. Hopspots is an interactive learning tool with additional games and exercises that all focus on movement, play and learning in relation to teaching. Hopspots combines technology and physical space and focuses on the interaction of children. Children get to be part of creating their own educational material and become part of an innovative process. This is expressed through the possibility to self-program Hopspots’s games, for example recording your own sounds. In that way the games can be customized the individual needs of children.

Hopspots consists of 12 interactive, wireless physical spots that are connected to an iPad and a speaker system. Children are empowered to move while learning and playing at the same time.

Hopspots’s games are developed for pre-school and and primary school children (age 2-10). In the spring of 2017 games suited for older children were also launched.

Hopspots creates 

  • Different challenges
  • Motivation to move
  • Co-creation of own educational material
  • Cognitive training
  • Social training
  • Language learning
  • Learning

Students create active learning with HOPSPOTS


Hopspots focuses on movement. With Hopspots children are motivated to move while they play and learn at the same time. The different games challenge the children to hop, crawl, dance and even run.


The games can easily be expanded with personal sounds as the pupils become co-creators and can record and make their own games. In that way it is possible for children to become producers of their own content rather than just consuming it. This is a simple way of programming that engages children and makes it possible to work with a wide range of subjects.

 Language Learning

Language learning is an important part of Hopspots where children can strengthen their language and learn new words and contexts. By listening, reading and writing new words children can expand their vocabulary.

 Cognitive Training

Hopspots can be used to train attention, enhance memory and planning ability. It helps children to concentrate and stay focused. Several of the games are designed for children with special needs, such as ADHD and autism, as the games support cognitive training with use of the senses and bodily movement.


Designed for and with children



Enhance your memory with Mix’n’match. Also, try to learn different languages when you program your own memory game.

The Chase

Get your heart rate up with The Chase, where you have to challenge your classmates by catching the light on the spots.


You can make cognitive exercises with Sequence. Sequence trains the memory as children have to remember the order of spots. 

Code a Spot

You can program the spots with your own game in Code a Spot. Pupils and teachers can experiment with the spots’ light and sound through the game screen on the iPad. 

Flow Dance

Flow Dance is a game that combines dance and music. By jumping on the different spots the pupils can create their own rhythms and afterwards use these to choreograph a dance.

The Island

The Island is an interactive story, where the group is stranded on a deserted island and now has to cooperate and make the right decisions in a line of dilemmas and challenges in order to survive

Hopspots comes with:

  • An app with 5 games and access to the learning material

  • Future releases of new games

  • 12 interactive, wireless spots that are connected to an iPad and a speaker system

  • A speaker that also serves as the storage and charger of the hopspots

  • Works with iPad

  • Price excluding VAT, shipping and customs: € 4,700

hopspots i Danmark

Schools love HOPSPOTS

“Sometimes you want to move rather than sit down and learn. Hopspots is much more fun to use than sitting to read and write! ”
Virgil 4th grade
I wish we could play Hopspots every Tuesday!
Katrine 4th grade
  • Dagmarskolen, Ringsted
  • Højmarkskolen, Holsted
  • Rathlouskolen, Odder
  • Uglegårdsskolen, Solrød
  • Ringkøbing skole, Rindum
  • Sofiendalskolen, Aalborg
  • UCN – CFU : Aalborg
  • Djursland skole
  • Vejen børnehave
  • Dalby Skole
  • Munkevængets skole
  • Hjørring kommune
  • Stensagerskolen, Aarhus
  • Center for Læring, Aarhus
  • Ådalskolen, Ringsted
  • Future Classroom Lab, UCC
  • Hejnsvig Skole
  • CFU Sjælland
  • Frederiksberg Skole, Sorø
  • PRC Guldborgsund
  • Sundhedscenter Hjørring
  • Kildebakken Bornholm
  • Børneterapien, Gentofte kommune
  • Dokk 1, Aarhus kommune
  • Resen Skole Skive
  • Rosenvænget Skole Viborg
  • Center for Velfærdsteknologi, Aalborg
  • VihTek, Region Hovedstaden
  • Midtbyens dagtilbud, Aarhus
  • Herningvejens skole, Aalborg
  • CFL Aarhus
  • Højmeskolen, Odense

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