Hopspots in the special needs area

Hopspots creates play, learning and movement

Within the special needs area, be it schools, daycare, child therapies etc., Hopspots can among other things be used to combine learning with movement, making sure that teaching isn’t always carried out sitting passively on a chair and listening, or as a new way of creating movement in P.E. or during schooldays. But, Hopspots can also be used for targeted training or rehabilitation either in groups or with individuals.

Hopspots is designed to combine learning with movement and play and can be used for both physical and mental training.

Research shows that movement increases learning and with Hopspots movement is used to develop among others motor skills, fitness, focus, overview, collaboration skills and memory.

Using the sounds from the games, the colorful tiles with light in and the gamification element Hopspots motivates children til move, play and learn in a brand new way.

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Preprogrammed games ready to use

The interactive tool, Hopspots, can be used by anyone from the age of 2 years and up. You can use the preprogrammed games that are available and ready to use in the Hopspots App e.g. the games The Chase, Sequence and FlowDance, which everyone can use.

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Here you can see the games in the Hopspots App

The Chase is a pure movement game where you have to catch light on the spots. You can adjust the difficulty of the game as you can play in two teams, where each team has to catch their colour of light (red and green) or you can play with only one colour of light making it easier to catch it. And, it you don’t use all 12 spots but only some of them it also makes the game a lot easier for the children. You of course also decide where to place the spots – do you want to run far to catch the light or do you want the spots placed close to the children – depending on their motor skills.

Sequence is a game for training cognition and working memory. You build a sequence on the spots by stepping on them – adding one spot for every round to make the sequence longer – and then of course you have to remember the order of which you step on the spots to continue in the game and make the sequence longer and longer.

FlowDance is a music- and dance game where you can make your own piece of music using the instruments that have been recorded onto the spots. Afterwards, you can record a dance on the spots that you think fits the music and do a dance off with your friends.

Besides from that, the App also contains the interactive story The Island.

Make your own targeted games

You can also programme your own content in the games and in that way target them completely to your purpose. The programming is very simple as you just use the microphone in the iPad to record your own sounds for the games. In that way you could for instance make a memory game in the game Mix’n’Match, where you have to find the pairs that match.

At Geelsgårdskolen, a large special needs school in Denmark, they made a memory game where the pupils have to match each others names with something that characterises each of them. They pupils thought that was a lot of fun.

In the game Code a Spot you can also programme your own content. Here you can actually record sounds for each the 12 physical spots, which you can then play with afterwards. Perhaps you want the pupils to practice the order in which you put on your clothes. Step on one spot and you will hear “socks” coming from the speaker, the next spot says “underwear”, “shirt” and so on. The pupils then have to place the spots on a row creating the right order. This was an example of how to practice ordinary everyday tasks, but you could also use the game for subject specific teaching e.g. with placing the numbers from 1 to 10 in the right order.

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Both the games Mix’n’Match and Code a Spot can be used for all ages and levels – no matter whether you want to use them for tricky quizzes, rehabilitation programmes with specific exercises or something completely different. There are lots of options.

Hopspots is for groups and individuals

The Hopspots games are designed to activate up to 30 players either by dividing them into groups or playing all together – depending on the number of players, their academic level and the game. But, you can also play only a few people together or alone.

Everyone can participate in their own way – whether you need help with participating or you are physically capable of participating on your own doesn’t matter because with Hopspots everyone can play no matter their physical or cognitive level.

The children think it is easy to use. They just go ahead, the ones that I work with. They also get the part with programming your own games.

Get a free demonstration

We will be happy to demonstrate Hopspots to you either live or through our resellers in the different countries. You are also more than welcome to contact us with your questions on: 31 13 26 18 or info@hopspots.dk.

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