User survey on Hopspots

By Trine Askjær-Jørgensen & Henriette Mikaelsen

Today, Hopspots is present at more than 60 schools and institutions all over the Danish country. Moreover, the first Hopspots have also travelled across the Danish border to Qatar, where they are also creating active learning. Thus, in the spring of 2018 we carried out a customer survey, where we talked to our current customers at schools and institutions across the country to have their opinion on the product and the value that it creates to them.

Children improve significantly when using Hopspots

Among other things we asked our customers if they have experienced improvements or development in the children after they started using Hopspots. We got the following answers to that question:

“Yes, we have experienced great improvement. Now the children in 1st grade know the order of the alphabet and can remember numbers. The product truly motivates them to participate” (SEN school).

“We experience improved concentration when the children move with Hopspots, which creates focus and thus they learn more”.

“We experience great improvement in concentration. The children also learn a lot, especially when we programme our own games”.

The overall theme here is that the children are motivated to learn and that their concentration improves when they move while learning, but also when they programme games themselves – something that is also highly motivating to them.

bevægelse med hopspots

Hopspots is versatile, fun and full of learning!

We also asked our customers about the challenges that they faced before they got Hopspots, and how Hopspots helped fix it. These were some of the answers we got:

“We needed alternatives to fun tools that are both educative and entertaining at once – and Hopspots is. It’s just a bonus that Hopspots creates movement”.

“We needed a tool that could create more movement in our teaching. Moreover, we needed a tool that could motivate the children and improve their concentration. Hopspots has done that!”

“We wanted a product that could be adjusted to suit a broad range of institutions and ages, where the main purpose was to create movement and fun for the children. Hopspots does that!”

“As we work with very challenged children, it is important for us to find a product that can activate the children in the right way and at the same time includes learning content. Hopspots more than met those demands. And it’s just a bonus that the children in wheelchairs can also participate!”

Hopspots is widely applicable!

When we called our customers and asked them about their experiences with Hopspots, we also got a lot of unasked and very positive comments on the way:

”The children think it’s so much fun! They love the colours in the spots, and the fact that they get to use their senses is just great. There is no doubt in our minds that Hopspots is the only way of combining movement with learning” (SEN school).

“It’s great that you can actively engage so many children in the game at once, and that the children get to play a part in the development of the technology”.

”The product is so widely applicable that it can be used for everyone in so many different ways!”

We are obviously very happy and proud of all the positive remarks and answers to our survey. We are especially happy to hear that Hopspots is widely applicable and that it has really made a difference to the users – both in terms of improved concentration and learning. Concurrently, Hopspots has also made it easier to combine learning with movement, and made it possible for children to co-create learning content by which they are motivated to participate and think it is fun.

About the author and co-author: Trine Askjær-Jørgensen & Henriette Mikaelsen

As a Master of Arts in English Trine excells in English and has a lot of knowledge about cognition, language acquistion etc. Her job at Hopspots consists of translating, proofreading as well as writing content for both our English and Danish websites, Facebook and so on.

Henriette studies Marketing Management at the Business Academy in Aarhus. With features in marketing and internationalisation, Henriette’s task is to help Hopspots develop in these areas.