Exercise made fun: Hopspots for the disabled

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Exercise made fun: Hopspots for the disabled As part of the municipality of Vejle, Denmark's, project of testing training- and welfare technologies, we at the residential accommodation Højbo-Solsikken in Give have tested Hopspots over the past 6 months - and the feedback cannot be questioned: One of the citizens said: "It is so much fun that I start to laugh", and as the staff member Kenneth Yde, from Højbo-Solsikken says, "We have gotten very far when the citizens say stuff like that". The Municipality of Vejle invests in welfare In the care homes, residential accommodation and activity centers in the municipality of Vejle the focus is on getting people to be more physically active as well as social in their everyday lives. Thus, the municipality has invested in welfare technologies since 2012 and recently tested a range of new training technologies. Since 2012 they have tested around 70 different technologies. The purpose of the welfare technologies is to get more people to be physically active, both in terms of the number of times, intensity and duration, but it is also to motivate the citizens themselves to take the initiative to be social and to exercise [...]