‘The Island’ – an interactive Robinson Crusoe-adventure at Godsbanen

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‘The Island’ – an interactive Robinson Crusoe-adventure During Aarhus Festuge 500 schoolchildren at the ages of 9 to 16 participated in a classical Robinson-Crusoe-adventure in the area outside of Aarhus Godsbane’s platform 2. The children tested Child Experience Design’s new interactive adventure and survival game “The Island”, which combines an adventurous introduction to the classical social science problems with active play and storytelling. In practice ”The Island” is played partly on an iPad, where the children are told a classic Robinson Crusoe-story through text and pictures and on interactive spots (Hopspots), which the children have to use in different ways when solving physical cooperation exercises. “The Island” introduces the children to a line of different dilemmas and social problems and the story about the shipwrecked children ends in different ways depending on the ways the children decide to deal with the challenges on the island. During Aarhus Festuge the game was expanded to include creative building activities, where the children among other things had the possibility of constructing a real life camp at Godsbanen, made up of driftwood like the one on the deserted island in the game. The children are making caves and messages in bottles [...]