“The child comes out in us” – HOPSPOTS IS FOR EVERYONE

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“The child comes out in us” – HOPSPOTS IS FOR EVERYONE Today Hopspots is used in several other places than the Danish primary school, namely also in SENs, in child therapy and now also at health centres. Based on a demand for using Hopspots in other places than schools, which have so far been our primary target group, we have the past couple of months examined what Hopspots can contribute with to an older target group and we got great feedback. Our examination among other things consisted of user tests with the elderly and interviews of professionals who have also tried Hopspots. Among other places Hopspots have been implemented at Hjørring Sundhedscenter to great amusement for younger as well as older people in Hjørring. Hopspots is here used for both interactive training for people with brain damages and dementia, for groups of children, and for people in rehabilitation. We interviewed Lene Ellgaard from Hjørring Sundhedscenter about her experiences with using Hopspots for an elderly target group. The experiences in Hjørring together with our own tests show that also elderly people can benefit from using Hopspots, particularly when it comes to physical training, mental training and social skills. [...]