BETT-show 2018

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BETT-show 2018 By Trine Askjær-Jørgensen In week 4 Hopspots once again went to BETT-show in London and we had a blast. BETT is short for British Educational Training and Technology-show and at this show there are lots of opportunities for people within the educational sector to get new ideas and inspiration for ways to integrate technology into teaching. This year was the first time we had our own stand at BETT-show – close to the BETT futures-area, where we were located last year. Here we showed Hopspots to tons of interested people and playful children from January 23rd to 26th – and we really enjoyed it! There was heavy interest in the product, which was actually the only one of its kind at the show. One of the wonderful things about going out to show Hopspots is getting a lot of feedback from our current customers. Among others we got the following positive statements: “When the pupils get to pick what they are going to do, they pick Hopspots” “They don’t feel that it’s learning – because it’s just play to them!” “The pupils really like it. They play it every day!” Hopspots is going to [...]