The SEN school Stensagerskolen: ”Hopspots is awesome!”

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The SEN school Stensagerskolen: ”Hopspots is awesome!” We are thrilled to see that Hopspots creates value for so many different children in schools all over the country. At the SEN school Stensagerskolen in Viby just outside of Aarhus, the children love Hopspots, and they use it several times a week. We talked to Randi who teaches the 3rd grade. Randi scheduled the use of Hopspots and uses it two days a week together with her 3rd grade, particularly when they have P.E. Randi implemented Hopspots in her teaching because she wants “P.E. to be more than just running”. She was pleasantly surprised to see how well Hopspots works and to see just how much the children actually move. When using Hopspots children can keep their focus for about an hour, where they usually lose the motivation and focus after just 10-15 minutes. They are completely done after an hour of using Hopspots, Randi says. ”Hopspots is a great way of combining both cognitive learning and physical activity. Learning easily becomes something that is done sitting, and that’s exactly why Hopspots is so great. That’s what we really like!” Stensagerskolen in Viby SEN [...]

FlowDance – a co-creation collaboration between CxD, junior designers and musicians

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FlowDance – a co-creation collaboration between CxD, junior designers and musicians On November 18th we visited 8th grade at Uglegårdskolen in Solrød, which we had really been looking forward to. Earlier on, the pupils participated in a contest about inventing a game for Hopspots. They competed against three other schools in Denmark, and Sofie Østergaard from DR Ramasjang elected Uglegårdskolen as winners because of their excellent idea for the game FlowDance. FlowDance is a game that combines dance and music. By stepping on the different Hopspots’ spots the pupils can create their own rhythms within the genres: pop, swing, Jazz and Middle Eastern Music. The music is recorded and subsequently used to choreograph a dance. The music genres in the game aren’t random at all. They have been through a careful screening. The pupils found different genres and choreographies on YouTube and tested them. For instance, it was the YouTube video Yalla Habibi that inspired the pupils to use the Middle Eastern genre. The genres that the pupils couldn’t create a dance for were discarded. In the end the pupils took a vote to decide between the remaining music genres. The [...]

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