Hopspots part of Science Gym in Sweden

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Hopspots a part of new Science Gym in Sweden By Trine Askjær-Jørgensen - Communication Back in April Hopspots participated in the SETT tradeshow in Stockholm Sweden, where I was at Lekolar's stand, showing Hopspots to lots of interested visitors. Several times Caroline and her co-workers from Region Kronoberg in Sweden stopped by me to check out Hopspots.  They all fell in love with the interactive learning tool immediately and thought it would be perfect for their future Science Gym, which was to open this summer. Shortly after the tradeshow in Stockholm Caroline contacted us as she was ready to get started with a set of Hopspots in Sweden. SO ready that we sent it to them in the middle of the summer holiday, before we even had the time to go there and give them a start-up course ourselves. This August we then visited Caroline and her colleagues in Sweden, where we introduced all of them to Hopspots. They were so excited about it and really looking forward to showing Hopspots at the opening of the new Science Gym on August 31st. The invitation to the opening of the Science Gym in Smålandsposten. Read [...]

Geelsgårdskolen does physiotherapy with Hopspots

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SEN: "Everyone can participate in their own way" By Trine Askjær-Jørgensen - Communication A couple of weeks ago I visited Geelsgårdskolen in Virum, Denmark, where they had just bought a set of Hopspots. I did that because we at CxD were quite curious about how their first period of time with the interactive tool had been and not least to learn more about how they use Hopspots in this SEN.  Back in January when we participated in BETT-show, a huge international EdTech tradeshow in London, we were paid a visit by Line Torp from Geelsgårdskolen at our stand. Line had never seen Hopspots before, this was the very first time, but she immediately spotted that Hopspots was really some for the kids back home at "her" school. Line works in the therapeutic department at Geelsgårdskolen, and shortly after having returned home from the tradeshow, she contacted us as she really want to buy some Hopspots for the school, because as she said: "If we see something that our pupils can benefit from and find inspiration in then we just have to have it". When I arrived at Geelsgårdskolen, I was met by Line herself and a group of [...]

6th graders play “The Island” in class

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6th graders: "The Island scores 8,5 out of 10 as teaching material" Imagine that you are stranded on a deserted island with your classmates! What would you do first? How would you get food, make decisions and create a community on the island? Those are the kinds of questions that a 6th grade at Samsøegade Skole in Aarhus, Denmark, had to solve together during a month of playing the interactive game, The Island, for Hopspots in class. The pupils said the following about the experience... ”We have gotten much better at listening to each other and discussing things" ”I think I have gotten better at expressing myself in writing” "I think it is great that we get to move during our teaching". ... when we visited them to hear about what they learned from the game. Read more about The Island Were they playing in class? It may come as a surprise, but the game is specifically designed for teaching. The gamification element together with Hopspots, which makes children physically active during classes, is a brilliant way of motivating the children to participate actively in their teaching. They become much more engaged [...]

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