‘The Island’ – an interactive Robinson Crusoe-adventure at Godsbanen

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‘The Island’ – an interactive Robinson Crusoe-adventure During Aarhus Festuge 500 schoolchildren at the ages of 9 to 16 participated in a classical Robinson-Crusoe-adventure in the area outside of Aarhus Godsbane’s platform 2. The children tested Child Experience Design’s new interactive adventure and survival game “The Island”, which combines an adventurous introduction to the classical social science problems with active play and storytelling. In practice ”The Island” is played partly on an iPad, where the children are told a classic Robinson Crusoe-story through text and pictures and on interactive spots (Hopspots), which the children have to use in different ways when solving physical cooperation exercises. “The Island” introduces the children to a line of different dilemmas and social problems and the story about the shipwrecked children ends in different ways depending on the ways the children decide to deal with the challenges on the island. During Aarhus Festuge the game was expanded to include creative building activities, where the children among other things had the possibility of constructing a real life camp at Godsbanen, made up of driftwood like the one on the deserted island in the game. The children are making caves and messages in bottles [...]

BETT-show in London

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BETT show in London In week 4 Hopspots attended the BETT-show in London. BETT is short for British Educational Training and Technology show, which is held in January every year. BETT is a great chance for everyone within the educational field to get new ideas and inspiration for new ways of using technology in teaching. At the show we met both giant companies such as: LEGO, INTEL; MICROSOFT; as well as small and newly established companies. We were located together with all the newly established companies and it was a great experience! There were so many new ideas present in that one room, and it was vibrating with activity. It was quite the adventure examining the BETT FUTURE area, our area. Even teachers, headmaster and distributors from all over the world found the place extremely inspiring. The whole world was there! We talked to people from all over Europe, South America, South Korea, and even New Zealand. What an experience! We have been jumping and laughing a lot. Hopspots’ target audience is children between the age of 2 and 10, and children with disabilities, but the teachers also saw potential in using Hopspots for older [...]

The winning school looks forward to combining play and learning in the teaching!

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The winning school looks forward to combining play and learning in the teaching! CONGRATULATIONS to the winning school, Egebakken Specialskole in Aalborg, which won a set of Hopspots for a month! Kenneth Vestergaard who is the headmaster at Egebakken expressed that Hopspots is going to be a total hit at the school. Even the pedagogues had great pleasure out of trying Hopspots on the demonstration day. We asked Kenneth Vestergaard about his thoughts on movement in school and how the school is going to use Hopspots. Movement in school is very important and it is related to learning which is why he thinks that Hopspots will improve the children’s learning. “Movement and learning, body and brain are related”, the headmaster Kenneth Vestergaard says. It is important that children get to play while learning, and also that they learn while playing. Egebakken is a school for children with ASF. It is thus important that it is not just the traditional method where children are sitting down an entire day that’s being used. “I believe that Hopspots can make them feel like they get a break while learning and moving [...]

The school’s Hopspots methods

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THE SCHOOLS’ HOPSPOTS METHODS We know that it varies how the different schools and institutions implement Hopspots into the everyday school life and thereby include digital technology and movement in the teaching. Even though we offer start-up help and feedback it is great to see that the schools themselves do such a good job at finding a rhythm that suits them and their children. Here we made an excerpt of the different Hopspots-methods used at some of the schools that are currently using Hopspots to create active learning. Seeing it, may inspire others to get started using Hopspots. At Uglegårdskolen in Solrød Hopspots resides in the Centre for Learning. Britt is the IT-advisor and manager of Hopspots as well as the person that gets the other teachers started with using the games. Once a week the interested teachers can book a Hopspots lesson for their pupils. In that way the teachers get experience with how to use Hopspots in their teaching. Uglegårdskolen looks forward to getting a second set of Hopspots, which will allow more teachers to use it with their pupils, and the school will make themed presentations for the teachers to introduce [...]

The SEN school Stensagerskolen: ”Hopspots is awesome!”

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The SEN school Stensagerskolen: ”Hopspots is awesome!” We are thrilled to see that Hopspots creates value for so many different children in schools all over the country. At the SEN school Stensagerskolen in Viby just outside of Aarhus, the children love Hopspots, and they use it several times a week. We talked to Randi who teaches the 3rd grade. Randi scheduled the use of Hopspots and uses it two days a week together with her 3rd grade, particularly when they have P.E. Randi implemented Hopspots in her teaching because she wants “P.E. to be more than just running”. She was pleasantly surprised to see how well Hopspots works and to see just how much the children actually move. When using Hopspots children can keep their focus for about an hour, where they usually lose the motivation and focus after just 10-15 minutes. They are completely done after an hour of using Hopspots, Randi says. ”Hopspots is a great way of combining both cognitive learning and physical activity. Learning easily becomes something that is done sitting, and that’s exactly why Hopspots is so great. That’s what we really like!” Stensagerskolen in Viby SEN [...]

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