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We will now introduce you to The Island, a game that is well-suited for literature, social science and English classes for the 4th to the 9th graders. The game was developed with support from the Danish Ministry of Education.


The Island is an interactive Robinsonade game by Danish author Boris Hansen. It combines classic social science issues, such as democracy, equality and crime control with active play and storytelling. In the game, the children are stranded on a deserted island, where they have to solve a line of dilemmas together in order to survive. The game is played partly on the iPad, where the children read the story and discuss the dilemmas, and partly on the spots, which are used for physical collaboration exercises like catching fish and exploring the island.

Find more information on how to play The Island in this game guide.

You can also watch this 10-minute video, where Trine will show you how to play the game.

This intro video about the game takes 2 minutes.

In practice:

The entire class can play The Island together as one big group or they can play it in smaller groups.

If the class plays together as one group the game is played on two iPads: one is the camp iPad and the other the expedition iPad. The children read the story and make the decisions on the camp iPad.

The expedition iPad is located together with Hopspots, where the spots are used for physical collaboration exercises, such as getting food and exploring the island. The big group send small groups of 4-6 players to the expedition iPad to collect points while the rest of the children continue with the scenarios in class. It is a good idea to place Hopspots and the expedition iPad outside the class in order to avoid disturbing the discussion in class.

If the class decides to play the game in two or more groups they can compete and see who scores the most points in the game. Every group needs a camp iPad, and the groups take turns at sending smaller groups on expedition to Hopspots.

The game is very intuitive but we still recommend that you try it out a bit before playing with your students. You will need no more than half an hour to do that.

How to make The Island part of the everyday:

The Island can be used in both literature, social science and English classes in 4h to 9th grade. The class can play one or more scenarios and expeditions in the game and can always stop, save and resume it later. If the entire class is going to play together all at once, you should devote at least 9 lessons for it – and preferably more than that as it takes time to play and discuss the dilemmas.

Tip: The Island is particularly great for social science but also for interdisciplinary courses – it is widely applicable, just try i out!

That’s it for now!

That was the final part of the intro course. We hope that by now you feel equipped and ready to use Hopspots in your teaching, and that you will have loads of fun playing and working with The Island together with your students – enjoy!

Best regards,
Aviaja & Trine from the Hopspots Team