Dear Hopspots-user

This week we want to introduce you to the game Mix’n’Match. This is where it gets really interesting because you can make your own content in the game to target it to YOUR teaching – no matter the topic, school subject or level.


Mix’n’Match is a memory game, where the task is to step on the spots to find pairs that match. Mix’n’Match has three preprogrammed games to get you started. They are memory games with animals and their sounds, countries and capitals and musical instruments and their sounds.

If you record your own content for the spots you can target the game to any topic, school subject and/or level. You just have to come up with game content that matches in pairs. Or, you can have the students make games for each other based on the topics they are currently working on.

Find more details on how to play Mix’n’Match in this game guide. 

You can get started by watching this video. It takes 45 seconds.

How to make Mix’n’Match part of the everyday:

Mix’n’Match is great for all subjects where you want to practice or repeat knowledge – combining movement with repetition will help store the knowledge faster. Thus, you can really benefit from playing Mix’n’Match at the end of class in order to repeat and store what the students learned. Students will learn even more if they take part in making the game content.

Ideas for content and themes can be found in the game guide. 


You can play Mix’n’Match in both Danish, English, German and French and really challenge the students in the language subjects. Change the language by pressing the flag in the top menu in Mix’n’Match and pick the language. Afterwards, pick one of the preprogrammed games or play one of your own games.

In practice:

You can download the Hopspots app on as many iPads you like, and it doesn’t have to be connected to the spots and the speaker unit when you make your own games. Thus, you can easily prepare games ahead of class.

Mix’n’Match works best in smaller groups. If you prepared a game that will activate one group of students you have to think of what the other groups will be doing in the meantime – or they can watch the ones playing and learn from that.

The students can also make their own content – in that way everyone is activated easily: Divide the students into groups and have the groups make their own games. Depending on the number of iPads you have, the students plan their game content and take turns at programming it in the app and playing each others games. The players take turns at stepping on two spots and listening for the content. Once a player has made a match the two spots can be collected as points – adding an element of competition to the game.

You can easily make more pairs than there are spots. In that case, the game will rotate the pairs automatically, using different pairs next time you play.

NB. Whenever you change iPads with Hopspots, you have to do a Colour pairing before the spots are ready for playing.

  • Press Settings in the app, then mark Spot Master (becomes green), pick Colour pairing below it and follow the instructions on the screen. Now you are ready to play!
  • The first time you connect and iPad with the spots it can take up to 8 seconds from when you step on the spot until it connects and shows a white light.

You can find more details in the manual.

That’s it for now!

We hope that Mix’n’Match is going to be of great value to you in your teaching!

The next email will introduce you to the game Code a Spot, which also allows you to programme your own games, but in a different way. If you are unable to wait until next time you can read ahead by clicking “Next” at the bottom of the page.

Best regards,
Aviaja & Trine from the Hopspots Team