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Welcome to your Hopspots intro course! Hopspots is YOUR tool for creating movement and motivation in your teaching. We hope that this intro course will help you get started doing that.

This part will introduce you to the games The Chase and Sequence.

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By the way: Did you watch our video about getting started with Hopspots? It takes 21 minutes and explains the physical elements of Hopspots, the app and 5 of the 7 games. If not, you can watch it here.


In this game the players have to catch red and green light to score points and win. That is done in different ways in the 30 levels: catch the light by stepping on the spots in the first levels, then do jumping jacks in the next, sit on the spots, press them with your hand etc. Unlocking more levels will increase the level of difficulty and eventually you have to be able to tell the light patterns apar in order to complete the game. In the final levels, the light patterns are all mixed up together, forcing you to remember and react quickly in order to beat the other team.

Learn how to play The Chase in this game guide.

This introductory video about The Chase only takes a minute.

How to make The Chase part of the everyday:

Every single level in The Chase takes about 20-30 seconds. Thus, the game serves. excellently as an active break where you can renew energy and focus – for instance when the school day gets too long and hard, and no matter the subject.

The game is also ideal for P.E.: the spots have a range of 20 meters on each side of the speaker unit – forcing your heart rate up when you run to catch the lights.

In practice:

The Chase works really well with around 10 players at the time. Divide the pupils into groups and let them take their turns. The wait won’t be long as each of the levels are over quickly.

Tip for The Chase! Use your surroundings, like they do in the video, by placing the spots on different levels and things, such as tables, chairs, staircases etc. – making Th Chase physically challenging.


Sequence is a cognitive training game that challenges memory and focus. The first player steps on a spot. Next player steps on the same spot and a new one. Next player steps on the same two and adds a new one and so on, all the way of to 20 spots. If you make a wrong step you have to start all over again.

Learn how to play Sequence in this game guide.

How to make Sequence part of the everyday:

Just like The Chase, Sequence can be used as an active pause in all school subjects – for sharpening the children’s focus or as a start game before you get into the more academice games or other kinds of teaching. By exercising the children’s working memories you will increase their learning.

Rather than just remembering with one’s head, we use several senses in Sequence as the sequence can be remembered using movement, the colours, light and individual sounds of the spots. Thus, Sequence is particularly well-suited for cognitive training in SENSs.

In practice:

Sequence works really well with around 5 players at the time, but you can easily be more than that. In that case you can run the sequence to make it faster and harder. You can play Sequence alone or as a team.

NB. Whenever you change iPads with Hopspots, you have to do a Colour pairing before the spots are ready for playing.

  • Press Settings in the app, then mark Spot Master (becomes green), pick Colour pairing below it and follow the instructions on the screen. Now you are ready to play!
  • The first time you connect and iPad with the spots it can take up to 8 seconds from when you step on the spot until it connects and shows a white light.

You can find more details in the manual.

Here is a 40-second video about Sequence.

Tip for Sequence! If you spread the spots far out and run the sequence it will be harder to remember and more physically challenging.

That’s it for now!

That’s it about The Chase and Sequence! The two next emails are going to introduce you to Mix’n’Match and Code a Spot, in which you can make your own games.

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